Walty Goats

We’ve all felt a bit walty on occasion. Walty is a word that means inclined to tip over or to lean to one side or another. Walty was first introduced to common vocabulary in the late 1700s. The word walty came into its most popular use in the 1800s when it was used to describe the masts of sailing ships. With this nautical background, walty became most commonly associated with things related to ships or the sea. As sailing ships became a less common method of transportation the word fell out of regular usage.

Walty is an adjective and could be used to describe any person or object with a tendency to lean or tip over. A coffee cup may be walty if set on an unstable surface; so too could a telephone pole set incorrectly be walty, or a car with a flat tire driving down the road leaning to one side be considered walty as well.

What are Fainting Goats?

Fainting goats, or myotonic goats, have a genetic condition that causes their muscles to freeze up for a few seconds after they experience panic. Panic could include being startled, being chased, or simply being caught unawares by someone or something. The genetic condition causes them to fall over or faint, but they are soon up and moving again once danger has passed. The genetic condition essentially causes this type of goat to involuntarily play dead, whether or not there is any real danger to it.

In the video the famous fainting goats are walty as they tip over in their fields.


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