This Ebullient Dog Can’t Calm Down


Ebullient is an adjective meaning “Full of energy and excitement.” It comes from the Latin bullire, or “Boil.” Ebullient, in Latin, literally means “Boiling over,” the way that water boils over the sides of a pot. This is symbolic for how excitement and energy can seem to fill us up until it starts “Spilling over.”

Ebullient word found its way into the English language near the end of the 1500s, although it didn’t gain widespread use until the beginning of the 20th century. And even then, its not a word that the average person is necessarily familiar with.

What makes someone’s excitement ebullient is that it is difficult to contain. That’s why the word is so useful to describe dogs. Often, when a dog is misbehaving, it’s just because they are so excited that they can’t contain themselves. If you love dogs, you’ve probably noticed how ebullient they can be.

If you want a good example of ebullience (noun), check out this video. It shows a very energetic pit bull mix and a massive cat-a Maine Coon. The dog dancer around the dog, pouncing, grumbling, barking, darting in and out, and generally overflowing with excitement. This is how dogs say “I want to play!”

Cats, though, usually don’t want to play with dogs. The cat, though, is very tolerant of this ebullient young pup. When dogs want to play, they can be a bit aggressive about it. When they want to play with a cat, it often ends with the dog getting swatted on the nose. That doesn’t happen here, which is a good thing: a cat’s claws are sharp, and when its a cat this big, you really have to watch out!

Ebullience is a common emotion in humans, as well as animals. If you’ve ever been so happy that your cheeks hurt from smiling and you feel like you could just scream, you’ve been ebullient. In fact, in the video, you can hear just how excited the people are, too! Cute animals have a tendency to make humans very ebullient, and for good reason. Who doesn’t get excited about a happy dog?

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