The Capers of Winter the Lamb


Winter the lamb capers about her house, bounding down the hallway at the sound of her owner’s voice. Her reaction to her name got the attention of many who enjoyed the capers her owner caught on video. This little lamb’s untraditional means of transporting herself from one place to another isn’t quite like any other creature.

To caper means to skip or dance about in a lively or playful manner, to perform a skipping movement or ridiculous activity. Winter’s owner might certainly define her little lamb’s capers as adorably ridiculous! The skipping movement of Winter the lamb down the hallway could qualify as a dance or hijinks, two other words related to caper. Caper can also mean an escapade, to frolic, gambol, frisky, jig, bound, spring or leap.

The word caper is a verb and originated from the word capriole, used in the 16th century to mean a stylized leap made by a horse. The capriole was a special movement that horses were trained to do in the classical equestrian style, back when horses were used as the primary means of transportation and entertainment. During shows and other performances horses and their riders would perform the capriole as a sign of their high level of talent and training.

The word caper can be used to describe the actions of both animals and people. Capers are activities that are naturally exuberant, joyful, and playful, much like Winter’s bouncing hooves as she runs down her hallway! As she grew older, Winter’s capers changed only slightly- she capered about her front yard enjoying the grass and the sun, and occasionally could be found bouncing up and down on her owner’s bed inside.

Capers keep us young, and the ridiculous hijinks can provide fun and entertainment for all those around us. The word caper is similar to the word capricious, meaning unpredictable or sudden changes in movement or action. The capers of Winter the lamb may seem silly or ridiculous, but are simply representations of an impressive imagination and energetic sense of self. What sort of capers can you get yourself into?

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