Nesh Penguins Receive Sweaters

Nesh is an adjective that is most commonly used to mean someone or something that is more than usually susceptible to the cold. Nesh is a word that has been preserved in the dialects spoken in Staffordshire, the East Midlands, Lancashire, South Yorkshire, and Shropshire in England. The word was made popular as part of this specific dialect in literature, where it was used by characters from these regions to distinguish them from one another.

Linguists have sought to find the etymology of the word nesh and have traced it to the word nish used in Newfoundland; some connections have been made back to the High German word ‘nasc,’ but most linguists hold this as unlikely. The modern English word nesh comes most directly from the Old English word hnesce, which meant feeble, weak, or infirm. The word was a cognate in the 16th century and combined with the Dutch word nesch, which meant damp or foolish.

Nesh was included in the British Library wordbank in 2011, which aims to preserve words that are specific to some British regional dialects.

Why Are These Penguins Wearing Sweaters?


The penguins in the following video may be feeling a bit nesh. Although penguins are certainly suited for cold climates, smaller and younger penguins may be more susceptible to the cold than others. Baby animals of all kinds that may live in cold or damp climates may find themselves unable to keep adequately warm. Plus, who can argue with any baby animal in an adorable sweater?



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