Miko the Library Cat

University is a tough time for many students, especially around exam times. For students with extra stressful essays to write or who are working through the seemingly endless slog of a thesis or dissertation, having a pet to curl up with while working can be extremely beneficial. Cats and other pets are known to reduce stress and increase productivity and understanding of information, something many students appreciate!

Not all university students can have pets or have friends whose pets they can borrow, but some are luckier. Students at Texas A&M University have Miko, the unofficial mascot of the university’s libraries. Miko has been living in the Medical Sciences Library where she keeps students company, patrols the stacks of books, and terrorizes the local mouse population.

Miko’s efforts in the library have garnered her the role of Pest Control Specialist and inspiration for the university’s literacy campaign. Her face graces the cover of literacy campaign posters and postcards, which are featured in the Medical Sciences library. Miko can often be found curled up next to a heater on some of the chillier days at the university, or on top of a stack of books. You didn’t really need to read any of those, did you?

Students at Texas A&M have created a Facebook page for Miko which is regularly updated with pictures and messages about her adventures. Miko continues to inspire students to work towards their goals and promote literacy in their greater community. Many students have posters of Miko hanging on their walls, so they can always remember their unofficial mascot even when they can’t be in the library themselves.


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