Kitten Endeavors to Play with a Fawn


The verb endeavor means to “make an effort” or to “try hard to achieve something”.  It hails from Middle English endeveren and entered the English lexicon around 1350-1400.  Endeveren evolved from Old French mettre en deveir which translated means to “put in duty”.

Endeavor certainly describes this young cat’s efforts to get this baby deer to play.  After cautiously sniffing the air around its possible new playmate, the kitten, named Miro, prances over to the fawn.  After a quick sniff of the fawn’s snout, the kitten then tries to get the deer to play by repeatedly dancing around the deer and batting it playfully. Clearly, the fawn is not yet up for a playdate, lying prone and on alert while Miro continues to try and engage his new friend. Midway through the video, the dejected kitten gives up and settles down with a dissatisfied look on his face.  Mira isn’t left feeling discourage for too long, and the kitten is quickly back at trying to play with the baby deer.  Unfortunately, the deer contains to maintain its protective stance and Miro is left frustrated again in his attempts to play. Eventually, the owners of the house where the fawn was found moved the deer to a wooded area where it was hopefully reunited with its mother.


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