Galumphing Sheep Surprises Biker

When out for a leisurely motorbike ride through the forest, few riders are prepared to be brutally attacked by fuzzy creatures lurking behind rocks and trees. Some riders might expect to come across a few squirrels or even a chipmunk, but a sheep is an entirely different story.

Most animals would shy away from the roar of a dirt bike disturbing the otherwise peaceful nature of their environment. Deer or elk might be easily startled by the engine noise, while larger animals like bears or moose might decide to stay away from this loud object rather than engage it.


This motorbike rider was surprised to find a sheep in his path, and not just any sheep. This sheep displayed no fear when confronted with the big, metal bike or its surprised rider. This sheep saw something invade its territory and wanted nothing more than to make sure this bike rider never came back. Galumphing after the motorbike, the sheep chased his opponent down the trail.

Galumph is a verb meaning to move clumsily or heavily. The animal in the video is a male sheep, or ram. Rams are often bigger than female sheep and can grow horns on their head, used for ramming other males in territorial and mating disputes. In this case the ram galumphed after the motorbike rider after ramming him a few times, just to test him out.

The word galumph came into use in the English language later, and may have had its first appearance in Lewis Carroll’s famous novel Through the Looking Glass. The word appeared in 1871 and has been in use in the English language ever since. The word is thought to have originated as a combination of the words ‘triumph’ and ‘gallop,’ to denote an exuberant celebration of sorts.




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