Elephants Find Adlubescence

Adlubescence is a word not commonly used in the English language- in fact, many language scholars haven’t even heard of it, and few use it! Adlubescence is a noun, meaning a pleasure or delight. The word comes from Latin origins and has evolved over many years to become part of the English language. Adlubescence can be used to describe something that is pleasurable or delightful, just as it can mean pleasure or delight.

Elephants in Thailand seem to have found their own adlubescence through painting. Elephants in Southeast Asia have stunned tourists by painting highly realistic pictures of things around them, like flowers or landscapes. Many people called the painting elephants a hoax, or didn’t believe they could create such a talented piece of work on their own.

Other animals have displayed behavior that can be considered adlubenscence as well. Gorillas have been taught to paint and create their own images, just as dogs have. Even humans require training in order to be able to create an image that is pleasing or delightful- some of us can only draw stick figures, while others can create masterpieces.

Elephants in Thailand are taught to respond to tugs on their ear from their handler, which lets them know what lines to make on the paper in front of them. A paintbrush with different colored paints is put in their mouth and they make different designs with them according to their training. The end result is a unique painting made by an elephant. As with primates, researchers are looking into the possibilities of elephants having a creative mind that is able to create unique objects and designs under their own power, without human interference. No matter the means, in the end, elephants are truly bringing others adlubescence through their paintings.


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