This Dog’s Campestral Frolicking is Just Delightful

Campestral is an adjective meaning “relating to fields or open country”.    It gets its meaning from the Latin word for “field” which is campus.  The term’s use in the English language is fairly rare and it first entered the lexicon in the early 1700s.

This dog’s ebullience is very evident as it bounces back and forth across two fields.  In the first few seconds, the dog is seen looking briefly back at its handler after being released from its leash.  The fields look to be planted with wheat or some other type of grain and the dog disappears into the fields, only to be seen bouncing up past the tips of the grain.  Over and over again, the dog exuberantly bounces back and forth between the two fields.  The campestral scene is a delightful one, and viewers can quite easily understand the dog’s pure joy.


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