Doggie Dinner Call is Eutaxy

Eutaxy is a noun that means “good order or management.”  The term is derived from the French word “eutaxie” via the Greek word eutaxía.  Both of the words of origin mean “good arrangement”.  Eutaxy entered the English language in 1614.  

These dogs  have been trained to approach dinner time with a sense of eutaxy.  Each dog waits patiently for its name to be called before leaving the dog run area to head over for dinner.  The person calling out the names finally gets to the last dog after the previous 15 dogs all have calmly approached the dinner area.  The last dog is sitting with its back to the trainer, causing her to break down in laughter.  Upon hearing its name, Echo the dog turns around and trots out of the pen to join the others for dinner.

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