Category: Verbs

Silly Seal Usurps Kayak

In the video the friendly seal usurps a tourist’s kayak as he paddles peacefully through the harbor.

Watch this Kitten Emulate Her Mommy

One of the most important skills a young kitten learns is how to clean themselves. Much like any kid, this little kitten tries her best to emulate her mother, although she gets distracted and bored more than once.

This red panda is show startled by the zookeeper's presence that it falls over.

Red Panda Stupefied by Human

The red panda in the video became stupefied by the entrance of the zookeeper into the red panda enclosure.

The Capers of Winter the Lamb

To caper means to skip or dance about in a lively or playful manner, to perform a skipping movement or ridiculous activity.

Cats Underwhelmed by Dogs

Despite their best efforts at prancing, howling, and licking their feline friends, these dogs underwhelm the bored cats

Where There is a Will, There is a Way

It doesn’t seem to matter much how high up or away from tree branches you put the feeder, crafty squirrels will figure out how to get to the seeds and nuts in the feeder.