Category: Verbs

Verbs are words that express an activity or action. Find cute vocabulary lessons for verbs here.

Starfish Attempts to Blag This Fish’s Cave

This starfish is certainly attempting to blag its way into a new home. A visitor to the Scripps Aquarium in San Diego captured this scene between a fish and a starfish.

Image from imgur.

Otter Murgeons at Observers

When given a succulent meatball this otter murgeons at the photographer. The word murgeon is a verb meaning to grimace at, or to make faces at a person.

Galumphing Sheep Surprises Biker

Galumph is a verb meaning to move clumsily or heavily. The animal in the video is a male sheep, or ram. Rams are often bigger than female sheep and can grow horns on their head, used for ramming other males in territorial and mating disputes. In this case the ram galumphed after the motorbike rider after ramming him a few times, just to test him out.

Silly Seal Usurps Kayak

In the video the friendly seal usurps a tourist’s kayak as he paddles peacefully through the harbor.

Watch this Kitten Emulate Her Mommy

One of the most important skills a young kitten learns is how to clean themselves. Much like any kid, this little kitten tries her best to emulate her mother, although she gets distracted and bored more than once.