Author: Alexander

Chunky the Listless French Bulldog

Someone who is listless is not only inactive, but goalless. If you want a look at a listless animal, check out Chunky the French Bulldog in this video clip.

This Raccoon Uses a Rock to Demand Succor

The mama raccoon wants succor for her and her little cubs. Raccoons are clever animals with paws that are almost like human hands. So just like anyone that wants something from inside a house, she knocks.

Tilly the Otter Teaches her Scion to Swim

Technically, any child could be considered a scion, but it is usually meant to mean something closer to “Child and heir.” In this video, Tilly the otter is passing something very important onto Molalla: the ability to swim.

Watch this Kitten Emulate Her Mommy

One of the most important skills a young kitten learns is how to clean themselves. Much like any kid, this little kitten tries her best to emulate her mother, although she gets distracted and bored more than once.