Animal Friendships Show Hardihood

There are a few animals in our lives we can think of that exhibit certain behaviors. They may be exceedingly playful or precocious, able to win friends with humans as well as other animals of their own species. Some animals are stubborn, others are incredibly smart, and they all have a certain amount of character that animal lovers can watch the development of throughout their animals’ life cycle.

The animals in this video are exhibiting hardihood, which means boldness or audacity. Some of these animals are bold and audacious in and of themselves, while others show hardihood in the bonds they have formed with animals of other species. Some animals, like a horse and a goat, may have formed friendships if their pens or outdoor enclosures are located close to one another. These animals may have interacted with one another across the course of many months or years, slowly growing playful and trusting of one another.

Other animals show hardihood because they have grown up with one another, and may not see the differences in their species because they are so familiar to one another. Animals such as cats and ducks, squirrels and dogs, or goats and camels are more unlikely pairs, but pairs that can be seen to exhibit playful behaviors and attachments together nonetheless.

The word hardihood is a noun and it was of most common use in the 1800s. The word has fallen out of fashion in modern vocabulary, but is still useful in explaining the boldness and audacity that these animals exhibit by being friends with one another.


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