Three Simple Tips for Getting Started With Your Fundraiser

When starting a new fundraising effort, it can seem like a daunting task.

1. Have a clear and simple message

What are you raising money for?  People want to know the who, what, and why before they donate money.  Make sure your message is clear and to the point.  Things to consider are:

Who is your audience?  
Tailor your message to the audience you are trying to reach.  Your style of communication, complexity of language, and medium used will depend on whether you are targeting seniors, teenagers, doctors, or some other group.

What are you fundraising for?
Be clear on what you are raising money for.  Why are you raising money?  What will you do with the money once you get it?  How will you let your donors know what their money helped with?

Have a clear “call to action”
Don’t assume people will understand you are trying to raise money.  Include a clear call to action such as “make your donations here” or “please consider a $5/$10/$100 donation”.  Always provide clear instructions on how people can make their donations (and see tip #3 for one suggestion).

Lastly, make sure you proofread.  Typos, grammatical errors, and other mistakes can turn people off from hearing your message.

2. Create compelling visuals

A picture really is worth a thousand words. More people will watch a five-minute video than read text that takes the same amount of time to get through.  Visuals like video and infographics are also an excellent storytelling tool for fundraising.  A well-crafted video lets you tell the story of your fundraising appeal and will motivate your audience to respond.

3. Collect donations online

Your call-to-action should include a clear method by which people can donate.  Setting up a quick and easy-to-use way to donate money is critical to your fundraising success.  People want a simple and direct way to donate money and online donation software like DonateWay make it easy for you to quickly set up your fundraising campaigns by providing a low-cost and easy fundraising solution.

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