Ostentatious Otters


Nellie the otter lives at Point Defiance Zoo in Oregon, and routinely entertains visitors with her intelligence and adorable otter nature. Nellie has a few tricks up her otter sleeve, one of them being a cup trick that wows visitors and helps with her training.

Animals in captivity still need to be intellectually stimulated because they aren’t faced with the same natural environment they would have in the wild. This intellectual stimulation can come from training with zookeepers as well as playing with toys and other changing features of their captive environment. Otters are creative and curious, interested in what is around them as well as being excellent problem solvers.

Nellie the otter is an ostentatious otter. Ostentatious is an adjective, and means intended to attract notice and impress others. Synonyms for ostentatious include showy, pretentious, conspicuous, flamboyant, gaudy, or elaborate. The opposite, or antonym, of ostentatious is restrained. Ostentatious can refer to negative displays of attention seeking, or trying to attract the attention of others through gaudy actions; it can also refer to more simple things that are used to attract and entertain others.

Nellie and some other animals in captivity are known for their ostentatious behavior, whether or not they have cameras trained on them at the time. Ostentatious displays of behavior from animals have included playing with toys in their enclosure to running away from their keepers, entertaining guests through glass windows and interacting with animals of different species in friendly ways.



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